So, What’s Up?

Look up. If you’re outside, look up. I’m not fooling. You think I’m going to play a trick on you while you’re looking up? Well, how can I? This is a blog post, isn’t it?

All right, if you’re outside and you look up, what do you see? Hopefully you should see clouds. If it’s a sunny day, there are those little (or big) fluffy white clouds (or if it’s really sunny, none at all). Then, if it’s a little bit gray out, there’s some of those low-hanging clouds that miff picnic plans. Of course, there are lots of other kinds of clouds.

Ugly ones, that are majestic in a kind of untamed and wild way. Classic clouds, the pure white kind you stare at when you lie on your back in a field. Bruise-colored clouds, the ones that may appear at sunset on the horizon. Tornado clouds, too.

Now, I don’t see tornado clouds around these parts, and those dullish classic white ones show up quite a bit, but I have decided to start taking pictures of cool clouds. Being up so high they should be cool anyway; it’s not a surprise that they’re cool (the air gets colder as you go higher, right?) because clouds are always awesome. However, whenever I see those cool clouds I am usually unprepared to take pictures, and I know it, so I don’t even try to get the camera. But now I have resolved to try more, because really, some of those clouds are clouds to remember.

Here are some recent cloud pictures:
as it is darkening

4 responses to “So, What’s Up?

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  2. I love looking up at the clouds too! Beautiful shots

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